Bubble Shooter – Bursting Boredom Away

Mypuzzle.org brings a multitude of games that burst boredom. Bubble Shooter is one of the most addictive selections the site has to offer. Pressure, strategic thinking, and realistic physics combine to challenge game players of all ages. Simple to learn but difficult to master is the theme to this challenging game. Best of all Bubble Shooter is budget friendly as it is offered free to play at Mypuzzle.org!

The goal is to accumulate the most points before the wall of bubbles completely descends upon you. Using the mouse, different color bubbles can be guided directly or bounced off of walls in an attempt to make contact with similarly colored bubbles. Chains of three or more alike colors are eliminated and create additional room to survive. The longer the chain results in more points being awarded. With each miss, a foul is occurred. Additional fouls result in the creation of more bubbles that cascade down towards you. When the bubbles make it to the bottom, the game is over.

Attractive graphics are mixed with a rainbow of vibrant colors. Distinctive sounds immediately indicate the success or failure of each individual bubble. A myriad of options let the user choose between three different skill levels. The background colors can be changed to provide the most comfortable playing atmosphere for each competitor. The sound can be turned off so you can play at work without disturbing your coworkers. An animation option brings the bubbles to life as they pulse and blink to the game play. Customization allows for a unique game experience to be defined by anyone who plays Bubble Shooter.

Many games promise to alleviate boredom. Bubble Shooter from Mypuzzle.org delivers in hours of addictive fun that challenge the mind. The additional skill levels guarantee that the difficulties increase as your skill set evolves. Bubble shooter and a vast selection of other free games await you at Mypuzzle.org