Find the pair | a memory game for Typo3

Now the find the pair memory puzzles are available for Typo3.

Major features in this version include correlate with the wordpress version:

  • Very easy integration of online puzzle, direct playable.
  • Use the included MyPuzzle Image Gallery to start immediately
  • Link your own Image Library
  • The puzzle can be inserted everywhere: in your posts and pages.
  • Many Different levels from 6 to 21 card pairs are available
  • You can change size of the puzzle specifically in width and height
  • Change background and card color to fit your themes and layouts
  • Includes restart ability for better game experience

How can you install this Typo3 Plugin?

  • Just goto your extension manager in the backend and search for MyPuzzle Find The Pair
  • Download and activate the extension and you are ready to go
  • The manual can be found here

All extension configuration parameter:

  • width, height, cards, bgcolor, cardcolor, cardbordercolor, gallerypath

Where can I get the extension? –> zip or as t3x

2 thoughts on “Find the pair | a memory game for Typo3

  1. filewalker

    Hi There,
    Great Idea, but the documentation is very poor. No Information about picture upload (how to, where and …)
    It would be great to publish this important information too.
    A little information about ts configuration (yes/no and how..) would be also very very helpful.
    Anyway, thanks for the great step into the “Typo3 leisure world” . I think it’s good to have some diffrent aspects of “work” :-)

  2. admin Post author

    Hi Filewalker,

    the extension does not provide any upload capabilities. You have to upload your images in some other/standard fashion. The extension then can just use thoses images by you pointing to the corresponding folder. That is what the parameter “Gallery Path” is for. You could for instance set this parameter to ‘uploads/pics’ if thats a valid relative-folder on your server.
    You just have to make sure that the images are not too big and are maybe squares.
    But your input is valuable. I will adjust the extension documentation.



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