Typo3 Sliding Puzzle Extensions

We added the sliding puzzle as an extension for Typo3 in its initial version.

The features again correlate with the wordpress and joomla version:

  • Use the included MyPuzzle Image Gallery and random startup images
  • Link your own Image Library
  • The sliding puzzles can be inserted everywhere: in your theme files, posts and pages.
  • Use your own image url and automatically get Sliding puzzles for them.
  • Three different levels 3×3, 4×4 and 5×5 are available.
  • You can change size of the puzzle specifically.
  • Change background color to fit your themes and layouts.
  • Enable or disable hints to give some help.

How can you install this Typo3 Extension?

  • Just goto your extension manager in the backend and search for MyPuzzle Sliding
  • Download and activate the extension and you are ready to go
  • The manual can be found here

All extension configuration parameter:

  • size, pieces, show-hints, background-color, start-image, gallerypath

Where can I get the extension? –> zip or as t3x

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